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Top 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World of 2020

Dogs are known to be man’s best friends and are among the friendliest animals across the world. For many centuries, men have been using them to work, learn and hunt. In addition, they are also used in investigation processes in order to follow footsteps of suspected criminals. As companions most people prefer beautiful dogs that are excellent at learning and with exceptional temperament. Below are the world’s top 10 most beautiful dog breeds:

most beautiful dog breeds

10. Miniature Schnauzer

This is a breed of small dogs that originated from Germany and are known to have outstanding guarding tendencies. This popular and beautiful dog breed is available in three distinct colors. Miniature Schnauzer dogs are intelligent, good-natured, alert and spirited canines that are obedient and more inclined towards backing than biting. Moreover, they are very playful and fun to be with.

Miniature Schnauzer

9. The Beagle

The beagle is a small to medium-sized dog, a member of the hound group. The breed is similar to fox-hound, although it has longer hairs and shorter legs. It is known for smelling and tracking smaller animals such as the deer, rabbit and hare among others. It is also widely employed as a detection dog for prohibited products such as foodstuffs and agricultural imports. It is a gentle dog that enjoys human company and can be handled with ease, thanks to its soft and friendly nature.

The Beagle

8. Icelandic Sheep Dog

This is another beautiful dog breed whose origin is Iceland. It resembles the Norwegian Buhund, which is often used for herding sheep. Dogs of this breed vary from each other in terms of their physical body, color, appearance and height. In terms of temperament, they are known to be quite energetic and tough. They are not good hunters, but are mainly used for driving and herding livestock in the Icelandic countryside. They are cheerful, playful and friendly dogs.

Icelandic Sheep Dog

7. Chow Chow

This beautiful dog breed originated from northern China, where it is also referred to as the fluffy lion-dog. It is also among the most ancient dog breeds, which are still present in the current world. The breed is available in different colors and it is liked for its double-shaped coat. It can easily be housed in an apartment, even though it is not very active and needs regular exercise to keep fit and healthy.

Chow Chow

6. The Bernese Mountain Dog

This is a large-sized dog breed whose origin is Germany. It is friendly natured, not so aggressive and always seem to be anxious. Although it is often thought to be an outdoor dog, it can also be kept in the house. This energetic breed can be motivated through exercise in order to enhance its speed and boost its body’s health. It is known to be extremely intelligent and can learn tricks very quickly. Moreover, the dog is quite gentle with children as well as other pets.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

5. Alaskan Malamute

This is another beautiful and useful dog breed, which is mainly used for hauling heavy freight due to its patience and potency. It resembles other arctic breeds like the Samoyed, the Siberian husky and Greenland dog in appearance and size. This domestic dog is fond of people and can even be affectionate to strangers. It comes in a range of shades including sable, light grey, black and white, red and white, and grey and white.

Alaskan Malamute

4. The Akita Inu

Originating from the mountainous region of northern Japan, this large dog breed is known for its dominance, strength and independence. It is unfriendly to visitors or strangers but more friendly and loving to family members. In terms of temperament, it is known to be quite protective and territorial about its property. The breed is also intelligent, brave, cautious and quite courageous.

The Akita Inu

3. The Golden Retriever

This dog is best known for its ability to retrieve small birds and waterfowls when hunting. It is a beautiful breed that is well known across the globe. This long-coated breed can easily be trained and developed to more advanced obedience standards. It has a beautiful and dense water-repellent coat that is either wavy or straight. It is energetic, intelligent, and obedient and can perfectly work as a rescue dog. It is also a good family pet.

The Golden Retriever

2. Siberian Husky

This is a medium-sized working dog belonging to the Spitz-genetic family. Its triangular ears and thickly furred double coat are the best signs of identification. The breed originated from northern Siberia and is known to be tough, lively and active. Moreover, it can tolerate cold and harsh environmental conditions while pulling heavy loads. It is very obedient when undergoing daily training. The dog is good and familiar to children without any signs of destruction.

Siberian Husky

1. The Pomeranian

This is the most beautiful dog breed in the world. Also referred to as the toy dog, Pomeranian is mostly good-natured, playful, loving and quite friendly. It can however be quite aggressive especially to other dogs and loves protecting its owner by constantly strolling around them. The dog has a pretty and attractive appearance and normally comes in a range of colors, including cream, sable, chocolate, red, merle, orange, brindle and lavender.


Dog are very important in the family as they give their owners company as well as provide protection. There are currently different types of dog breeds on the market to choose from. Instead of purchasing any breed, it is important to go for one that is appealing in different aspects. For instance, most people prefer dogs that are active, playful, attractive, and easy to train. A good dog should be intelligent, obedient, friendly and good-natured. If you need a beautiful dog with most of these qualities, the above dog breed review can be of great help in enabling you to choose the best dog.

Do you agree with this list? Please share your lovely dog breeds.

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