Top 10 Millionaires Who Committed Suicide History

Have you ever listened that any millionaire has committed suicide? It is a fact that money is the just thing that can give you the happiness but at the same time sometimes the mental disturbances of any person can force them to take the step like suicide. By scrolling down you will be learning the names of top 10 millionaires who have committed suicides!

10. Eli M. Black:


He was a Jewish American Business man. He married an artist named Shirley Lubell and had two children daughter and a son who was the founder of the private firm Apollo Management. After being caught in a bribery case in the year 1975, he jumped from the window of forty-fourth floor of his office building.

9. Michael Marin:


Michael Marin was an ex-street trader. He submitted Mount Everest and seven of the other world’s tallest mountains. He was also originally an art collector. The monthly mortgage payment on his mansion was $17,250 and his mansion itself worth $2.3 million. He committed suicide in the Phoenix court after he was bring into being guilty of putting his 10,000 square-foot mansion to fire (arson). He was at the age of 53 when he died.

8. Peter Smedley:


He was a very private decent man. He was suffering from motor neuron disease as due to which he choose to die and committed an assisted suicide at Dignitas clinic in Switzerland. His death was documented on BBC.

7. Jonathan Wraith:


He was 35 years old young businessman who killed himself in his shooting estate just after few days of Christmas. He was running his and his father business that was at the worth £30million.

6. Paul Castle:


He was well established and self-made businessman. He was running the multi-million-pound empire. He used to play polo in the company of Prince Charles and also have met Queen of England. He was suffering from heart problems and tumors. In the last age he lost many business deals in addition to a capital at the oil and gas surveying company because of which he commit suicide as at the age of 54.

5. John Lawrenson:


John Lawrenson was a successful businessman who retired as a director of the publishing company. He has a great mansion called as ‘The Old Rectory the Old sables’ worth $1.8 million. Both of them were incurably ill and inseparable couple killed themselves by the over dose of pills.

4. Wayne Pai:


He was the chairman of Taiwanese brokerage Polaris Securities. It is heard that there were allegations on him that the president of National Chiao Tung University had been receiving payments from his company. His body was discovered by the fisherman in waters in Penghu. He was suffering from enormous stress and emotional instability.

3. Howard Worthington:


Howard Worthington shoots himself after shooting her lover Julie Rees in his £900,000 home. He was a former steel boss who killed himself at the age of 52.

2. ReiJane Huai:


ReiJane Huai was CEO and president of the big company Falconstor. He resigned a year before he committed suicide when the federal class-action lawsuit was filed in opposition to him. He fired a single bullet into his chest and collapsed on the driveway of his $2.5 million home.

1. Peter duff:


Peter duff and her wife Penny decided to end their lives together. Peter Duff was country’s leading wine expert. He was a chairman of Alcohol in Moderation support group. It came not notice that both were suffering from terminal cancer.
So these have been few top most wanted millionaires who have committed suicides besides having so much worth! Do you believe such stories?

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