Top 10 Largest Earthquakes In The World History

Earthquakes are taken as the natural disaster and amongst some of the few natural disasters it is named up to be the powerful and horrible ones. It few shocks can take thousands of people to death and can change the whole picture of the country. Do you want to know which counrties faced the largest earthquakes in the world history?

10. Assam & Tibet Earthquake:


This earthquake came on 15th August 1950 at the magnitude of 8.6. It causes 780 people to take the last breath of their life. It was believed to have an epicenter in Tibet. It affected great portion of the city.

9. Sumatra Earthquake 2005, Indonesia:


On 28th March 2005 the place of Indonesia faced the horrible earthquake in their history. It came up with the magnitude of 8.6 that causes the death of 1310 people.

8. Rat Islands Earthquake, Alaska:


Alaska faced the biggest earthquake on 4th February, 1965. It has the magnitude of 8.7. This earthquake even produces tsunami at the 10m (32 feet) high. The tsunami and earthquake caused little damage.

7. Ecuador-Colombia Earthquake:


Colombia faces the earthquake on 31st January, 1906 as with the magnitude of 8.8. Almost 1500 people were dead. It even caused a tsunami which killed 1500 in Ecuador and Columbia. The Tsunami even traveled to west coast of US, Hawaii and far Japan.

6. Bio-bio Earthquake, Chile:


Chile faced the disasterous earthquake on 27th February 2010 as with the magnitude of 8.8. It caused 521 people to death. It has been estimated that $30 Billion worth of damage was done by this earthquake. More than 800,000 people were displaced and 1.5 million people were affected by this earthquake.

5. Kamchatka Earthquake, Russia:


In Russia the biggest earthquake came up on 4th November, 1952. It was the first recorded earthquake with magnitude in the scale of 9. It leads to the widespread damage and responsible in support of death of 2336 human being.

4. Tohoku Earthquake, Japan:


Japan faced the earthquake on 11th March, 2011 with the magnitude of 9.0. Almost15800 people lost their life. This was an undersea mega-thrust earthquake as just with epicenter at 70 kilometers east of Tohoku, Japan. This earthquake even give damage to Japan economy and even lead to power shortage.

3. Sumatra Earthquake 2004, Indonesia:


Indonesia faced another horrible earthquake on 26th December, 2004. This time it had the magnitude of 9.1. It caused the 227,900 people were killed and 1.7 million displaced due to the Tsunami caused by Sumatra earthquake in 14 countries. It is to be stated that the picenter of this tsunami was at a depth of 30 km in south-east of Band Aceh, Indonesia.

2. Alaskan Earthquake, Alaska:


In the next we have Alaskan Earthquake that came on 27th March, 1964. It is the 2nd most powerful earthquake with the magnitude of 9.2. It damage large part of the Alaska with the deaths of 128 people.The earthquake lasted for more than 3 minutes.

1. Valdivia Earthquake, Chile:


In the last we have Valdivia Earthquake that came on 22nd May, 1960. It had the magnitude of 9.5 and caused the death of 1655 people. It even traveled the Pacific Ocean and affected Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, eastern New Zealand, southeast Australia, and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.
You might be shocked and tremble by catching the details of these countries earthquakes! If the details are so shocking then just image the condition of these countries at the time of this disaster!

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