Top 10 Illiterate Countries In The Whole World

Education has been always taken as the main mean that can bring development in any nation. We can take it as the sign of the prosperity too. But at the same time there are some countries who feel proud to entitle them as illiterate. Do you want to know about all those countries?

10. Mauritania:


Mauritania has very high illiteracy rate of about 60.1%. Its main reason is that there are no programs at all to teach the adults. Plus lack of transport is another challenge in support of those living in countryside. Many children never go to school at all and cause literacy rate low year after year.

9. Ethiopia:


The literacy rate in Ethiopia was at 29.82%. This was based on top of the number of individuals who were capable of reading and writing even uncomplicated sentences that were used in daily conversation. Now days, the illiteracy rate of Ethiopia is fixed at 61.3% as being one of the highest rate in that entire area. Non government organizations have set up a lot of learning institutes and colleges in the country.

8. Benin:


It has a total population of 9.05 million and has an illiteracy rate of 62.5%. A enormous number of the population is not capable to read and write.

7. Senegal:


It is located in West Africa having an illiteracy rate of 62.7%. It receives international donation every year but still development is still very slow. Millions of children are unable to go to schools.

6. Guinea-Bissau:


The illiteracy rate of this country is 63.2% which is a huge percentage of the total population. The huge number of uneducated people is due to lack of educational opportunities.

5. The Gambia:


It is a smaller West African country having an illiteracy rate of 63.5%. This is an agricultural country having literacy rate of 77.1% two decades ago. Now better rules are applied in support of education but still the illiteracy rate stays at 63.5%.

4. Sierra Leone:


It has an illiteracy rate of 63.7%. Its two third amount of population is illiterate. The Civil War caused a wide destruction of schools.

3. Afghanistan:


Afghanistan is ranked at number three in this list having the illiteracy rate of 63.7%. Almost 75% of the population of Afghanistan lives in rural areas and having worse educational opportunities. There is lack of sufficient teacher’s education, infrastructure, extremist set of courses and child labor.

2. Burkina Faso:


The second most illiterate country in the world is Burkina Faso having an illiteracy rate of 77% in the company of inadequate school registration percentage of only 39.1%. Majority off illiterate people are adults that just comprises of more than 70% of adult population.

1. Niger with 84.3%:


The country on the top of this list with highest illiteracy rate is Niger. More than 80% of the adults of this country are uneducated and the illiteracy rate of this country is 84.3%.
No doubt that these countries have to work maximum over their system of education so that more and great number of students and especially kids can get the chance to make their future brighter!

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