How to Use a Laminator: 10 Easy Steps

Have you ever used a laminator before? This is a handy piece of equipment that fuses 2 pieces of plastic together with a piece of paper or thin cardboard in between. Laminating can preserve items that are important. You can preserve anything on paper like tickets, autographs, certificates and more.

Laminators can also be used in schools to protect posters. These are also used in offices to laminate identification cards, badges, and licenses. There are actually a variety of laminators. You can find a large, bulky laminator that stays in a permanent location while there are smaller handier machines that can be taken anywhere.

How to Use a Home Laminator

10 Easy Steps of How to Use a Laminator:

1. Place the laminating film into the laminator. Most machines need 2 separate rolls of film. Depending on the type of laminator you have, follow the directions on how to load the laminating film.

2. Preheat the laminator. Power on the laminating machine to warm up. Different laminating machines have different times on how long to preheat the machine. Some laminators have a light that signals when the machine is power on and as the separate LED light that tells you when the machine is ready to work.

Xyron 624632 Creative Station

Xyron 624632 Creative Station


3. Cut and trim the item to be laminated to look exactly what you want it to be. You have to do this now because it would be impossible to do so when the laminate has been fused into place.

4. Place the paper on the laminator shelf. Push it into the rolls of film, so that the machine can grab hold of the paper.

5. Power on the feed switch so that the laminator will begin to pull the paper into the machine.

6. Let the paper go through the machine and continue to run to get the film in place.

7. Power off the feed. Never start and stop the lamination in the middle of a project if possible.

8. Cut the laminating film with scissors.

9. Trim the laminating film away from the item that has been laminated leaving about 1/8 inch (3mm) border of film around the edges.

10. Turn off the laminator after you are done.

Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i 125

Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i 125


Best Laminating Machines

There are two main types of laminating machines: a pouch laminator and a roll laminator. The finished products are identical to the two types but the difference is how these work. Between the two, pouch laminators are perfect for low to medium-volume laminating. On the other hand, roll laminators are considered for medium to high-volume laminating. Pouch laminators are for smaller items, where roll laminators are for larger items.

Best Laminating Machines

Best Laminating Machines

About Pouch Laminators

Pouch laminating machines use a kind of film called laminating pouches. These pouches may be opened and the document or piece of paper can be inserted. You can place a photograph, a business card or a menu if these are items that you wish to be laminated. Once inserted, the laminating pouch is placed in a carrier to be loaded inside the laminator.

The laminating pouch carrier looks like a manila folder or a similar material. The carrier will assist the pouch and protect it as it moves into the laminator. The carrier supports, prevents jams, distributes heat better and keeps the inside of the laminator free from hot plastic.

Pouch laminators are generally smaller and are more compact and portable than roll laminators. These are used on a table or a flat surface. Pouch laminators are as small as four inches wide. These smaller machines are for laminating cards, business cards, photographs and small documents. Most pouch laminators fall have a width range of 9-12 inches.

TLC 12-9/16" Pouch Laminator

TLC 12-9/16″ Pouch Laminator

About Roll Laminators

Roll laminators use film called laminating rolls. A roll laminator has two rolls with one located on top of the machine and the other at the bottom of the laminator. You don’t need to use a carrier for a roll laminator. Once heated up, the document, poster or sign is placed on the feed tray where it is pulled through the machine and then laminated.

Roll laminators have a lot of uses. These can laminate maps, posters, signs and other large documents. You can also use this to laminate a lot of small items at once. This saves time, effort and money. Roll laminators are very large and take a lot of space. You need a trained worker to use a roll laminate especially laminators for industrial uses. Roll laminators are usually from 25-inches to as wide as 60 plus inches. You can also find smaller roll laminators as well.

Roll Laminators

Roll Laminators

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