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Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World of 2020

Right here at this page, you will be getting this golden chance to have a look at the top 10 highest waterfalls in the world! People just love to visit waterfalls, they just love to spend more and more time at these waterfalls. But one thing should be kept in mind that whatever kind of waterfall you will be visiting, it has to be among the top 10 waterfalls in this whole world. Here we will also be sharing pictures of them, have a look at them and just plan your visit too to have a look at these waterfalls:

Top 10 Highest Waterfalls In The World


10. Tyssestrengene (2,123 ft)


It is for the information that this one of the best waterfalls is located in Odda, Norway. It is right on the Tyssa River. You should be making a visit of it right away, it is one of the awesome one and has some magic in it!

9. Lower Mar Valley (2,151 ft)

Lower Mar Valley

This one of the top 10 waterfalls has been located in Eikesdal, Norway. You can see it on the Mardals Stream. It is time to take out your money and have a visit of this waterfall.

8. Espelands (2,307 ft)


It is located in Hardanger Fjord, Norway and that too on the Opo River. If you want to see some real life stuff then make sure that you do take a picture on this amazing and stunning waterfall.

7. Yosemite (2,425 ft)


As you can see that it is located in Yosemite National Park, California and that too on Yosemite Creek. If you are planning some vacations then make sure that you have to visit this spot right away.

6. Mutarazi (2,499 ft)


It is located in Nyanga National Park, Zimbabwe and right on the Mutarazi River. It is also one of the best and top 10 waterfall, this waterfall has that real and actual magic in it. If you want to see this magic then take a tour of this waterfall.

5. Gocta Cataracts (2,532 ft)

Gocta Cataracts

For the information, it is located in Chachapoyas, Peru. It is one of the marvellous waterfall, just have a look at this wonder for once in your life time.

4. Monge (2,540 ft)


We have seen that it is located in Marstein, Norway and that too on the Mongebeck river. You have to visit this most beautiful waterfall right now.

3. Utigord (2,625 ft)


It is located in Norway, Utigord. It is a kind of glacier fed waterfall. You will just be loving it for sure if you will visit it.

2. Tugela (3,110 ft)


It is located in Natal National Park, South Africa and that too on the Tugela River.

1. Angel (3,212 ft)


We have viewed that it is located in Canaima National Park, Venezuela and right on the upper tributary of the Rio Caroni. So these are the top 10 highest waterfalls in the world, do have a look at their pictures too.

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