Top 10 Famous Producers in Hollywood 2018

Creating a world-class movie requires full contribution of everyone who is involved in it, as it not only the actors and actresses who make a movie successful. For instance, producers work so hard to produce top quality films and protect the image of their respective production houses. Hollywood is one of the largest and most popular entertainment powerhouses in the world. For this reason, it has quite a number of topnotch producers who are renowned for their outstanding performance in film production. Below are the top ten famous producers in 2018.

10. Irwin Winkler

Born in 1932, this renowned American producer also doubles as a great director. He has so far done more than 50 movies, most of which have been a hit in the box office. Irwin has received a number of awards including the 1976 Oscar award for best picture, which he received because of the American Sports Drama film named Rocky. He is a very influential producer and director who has a lot of experience in the industry.


9. Brian Grazer

Born in 1951, Brian is one of the most popular Hollywood producers. He has over 25 years of experience in making movies as well as television programs. He has received numerous prestigious awards including the 2002 Best Picture Oscar Award for the American Biographical drama film named A Beautiful Mind which was released in 2001. Actually, his name is just enough to make any film a hit.


8. Diablo Cody

This is another popular Hollywood producer who has produced numerous hit movies, including the famous “Young Adult.” Besides being a producer, Diablo is also a well-established actress of this modern era and owns a production house called “Independence.” Moreover, she has won a numerous awards as a writer and producer for television series and films.


7. Tim Bevan

Even though he was born in England, Tim moved to America in order to launch his career in film production. Born in 1957, Tim is still a popular Hollywood producer in this era. In the 1980s, Tim together with Graham Bradstreet and Sarah Raddyffe co-founded “The Working Films” the British film production company, which is based in London. He has a number of films and awards under his name.


6. Megan Ellison

Born in 1986, Megan is a popular American film producer as well as founder of Amapurna pictures, a production company which was established in 2011. She is renowned for producing popular films like American Hustle and Zero Dark Thirty, which earned her Oscar nominations. In 2014, the Times Magazine put her in the list of the world’s one hundred most influential people.


5. Drew Barrymore

Renowned for her stunning beauty and outstanding talent in film production, Drew entered the industry as an actress. After acquainting herself with the role, she tried producing and that is when success hit her more than anyone could expect. She currently owns “Flower Films,” a production house that is well known for producing topnotch films.


4. Eric Fellner

Born on October 1959, Eric Fellner is a renowned English film producer who has produced numerous Hollywood movies and received so many awards as well. For instance, he produced Movies such as Dead Man Walking and Notting Hill, which became hits after being released. He is also a chairman of the “Working Title Films,” Production Company.


3. Kathleen Kennedy

Born in 1953 in California, USA, Kathleen is another exceptional Hollywood producer and director, who is renowned for her dedicated successful performance. In 1981, she together with Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg cofounded Amblin Entertainment, a high-end production house. In 2012 she became the Star Wars’ franchise brand manager as well as the president of Lucasfilm. So far she has produced over 60 films and received about 120 Academy Awards nominations.


2. Clint Eastwood

Born in May 1930, this high-ranked and popular Hollywood producer also doubles as an actor, musician and director. Clint has literally become the standard in international cinema. He has produced and starred in a number of films, which became big hits and brought him international recognition. For instance, he has produced world-renowned films like Million Dollar Baby, which earned him an Oscar for the best director as well as the best actor nomination.


1. Scott Rudin

Scott is arguably the best Hollywood producer in 2016. He has won so many awards including the Oscar, Grammy and Academy awards in his career. He has a lot of experience in the film industry as he started working as the assistant to the theater producer when he was only 16 years. In 2008 two of his films; “There Will Be Blood” and “No Country for Old-Men,” were nominated for Oscars and the latter won the much coveted Best Picture prize. He has produced so many movies and received a countless number of awards in the industry.


Ideally, producers are the backbone of any movie. In spite of being behind the scenes most of the time, their talent and dedication is what can make a movie a hit or not. The above list contains the names of the top ten famous movie producers in Hollywood to watch out for in 2016.

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