Top 10 Expensive Celebrity Divorces In The World

You might have listen about the shocking divorces in the world of your favorite celebrity couples but at the same time there are many divorce cases of the celebrity couples that cost huge amount to get separated!

Top 10 Expensive Celebrity Divorces In The World

10. Donald Trump and Ivana Trump:


Donald Trump and Ivana Trump had a 15 years of happy marriage but in came to an end in the year 1992. Ivana Trump was an athlete as well as a fashion model and hosted a TV show for some time too. The divorce cost Trump $25 million.

9. Mick Jagger’s Divorce from Jerry Hall:


Famous singer and actor Mick Jagger and the top model Jerry Hall were tied up in the wedding but then after sometime their marriage was considered as null and void. The marriage was not even considered to be a real kind of marriage but the end of it cost Mick Jagger round about the cost of 15 to 25 million dollars.

8. Michael Douglas and Diandra Douglas:


Screen actor and producer Michael Douglas decided to get separated with his wife Diandra Douglas and the couple ended their marriage in 2000. The divorce settlement cost $45 million. it was taken up to be the highest ranking divorces in the history of hollywood ever.

7. James Cameron and Linda Hamilton:


James Cameron the very famous Canadian film maker and philanthropist had divorced his wife Linda Hamilton in the year 1999. The divorce settlement was reported to be done at the cost of $50 million.

6. Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison:


The handsome veteran actor Harrison Ford decided to part up the ways with his wife Melissa Mathison in the year 2004. This wedding just lasted for about 21 years as they get separated with the amount of about $85 million.

5. Madonna and Guy Richie:


This beauty divorced her husband the famous director Guy Richie that was just as ranged from something like $76 million to $92 million. The main reason for the separation was that her husband doesnt like her to make music anymore after marriage and for madoona music was her life.

4. Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving:


Our favorite director and producer Steven Spielberg and his wife decided to split in the year the 1989. The amount was reported to be a 100 million.

3. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren:


This golf player divorced his wife Elin Nordegren and the cost of this divorce was also a hundred million dollars. It is also taken as biggest controversey of tiger woods life that affected his career as well.

2. Michael Jordan and Juanita Jordan:


Michael Jordan is the top famous sports star and his wife Juanita Jordan decided to split in the year 2007. The divorce was quite alot expensive with the huge amount of $168 million. Their marriage had lasted 17 years.

1. Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore:


At the last and top we have the story of talented actor Mel Gibson as he divorce from wife Robyn Moore. After their marriage in the year 1980, the couple decided to finally divorce 26 years later with a divorce settlement of $425 million.
So these have been the top famous and yet the most expensive divorces in the world! Its quite a strange fact that a single paper of divorce holds such a huge value of money!

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