Top 10 Celebrities You didn’t Know are Terrible People

When it comes for us to talk or think about celebrities, we usually consider them to be the bright stars with no drawbacks of life. But the fact is totally different, because celebrities are also humans so they also carry positive and negative habits. Even there are some celebrities who are terrible by nature. Confused? Don’t be because today we’ve list of top 10 celebrities you didn’t know are terrible people. I am sure you would love the collection. So, start checking!

Terrible Celebrities

10. Jimmy Page

Jimmy got game as an excellent and influential guitarist of all time. Jimmy, according to sources, used to be aggressive about his profession. This is might be the reason that he became the rockstar of music industry. He was actually terrible in a way when he used to cross his limits while practicing at studio for many days without sleeping. Can you believe it?

Top 10 Celebrities

9. Eric Clapton

Known for bringing us chart toppers like “Layla”, Eric Clapton is notorious because he was the only person to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times. Truly, Eric’s professional career is far much different from his personal life. According to sources, he is a proud by nature. He always wanted to dominate the co-workers and those who are under his supervision. This is what makes him a terrible celebrity. Isn’t it?

Top 10 Celebrities

8. Vince Neil

Vince Neil, lead singer of Motely Crue, is included in this list because of having over-the-top partying habits. He has been the part of various rock bands, but his urge to dominate the co-workers used to lead him face difficulties. During one of Vince’s epic parties in 1984, he drove himself and Razzle of Hanoi Rocks to the liquor store.

Top 10 Celebrities

7. Sean Penn

Sean Penn is famous for his powerhouse performance and extreme left-wing political values. He has had been an excellent celebrity. Besides having amazing acting skills, Sean has a powerful right hook. According to the former wife Madonna, Penn tied her to a chair and used to beat her violently for hours.

Top 10 Celebrities

6. Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash is a country music bad boy. He got fame for his song “Walk the Line”. Most of the people don’t know that Johnny once almost erased an entire species of birds. This happened when his truck overheated and went up in flames, and he took the decision to step aside instead of call for help. It ultimately resulted the fire to spread a square mile in the forest where California Condors bird species were killed. He was fined $82,000 for this act.

Top 10 Celebrities

5. Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre is a famous and successful record producer, rapper, and entrepreneur. It is said that before making headphones, Dr. Dre used to rap and rhyme about being gangsta. Also he got involved in several questionable activities. In 1990, he made his violent rhymes a reality at the time when he beat up television personality, Dee Barnes. This happened when Dee Barnes had interviewed another member of his rap group. Dr. Dre was fined $22.5 million.

Top 10 Celebrities

4. Charles Dickens

Literary genius, Charles Dickens, is famous for his influential works like “A Christmas Carol”, and “A Tale of Two Cities”. He is known as the literary colossus of all time. Like all of us, he had his own dark sides of life. For example, after his marriage to Catherine Hogarth and having 10 children, he divorced her for getting fat. The wife says, he used to beat her often.

Top 10 Celebrities

3. Elvis Costello

Singer-songwriter, Elvis Costello has been the winner of various awards for his beautiful professional skills. In 2003, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Costello lost much of his respect and repute in the eyes of fans when he started using racial slurs to describe Ray Charles and James Brown. He later apologized for it.

Top 10 Celebrities

2. Tim Allen

Tim Allen is one of the best comedians. He managed to play a horrible role in “Home Improvement”. But in real life, people say he was even more horrible. In 1970, he tries to take 1.4lbs of cocaine (a ridiculous amount) on a plane. With the help of drug sniffing dogs, the airplane management caught him, and due to this crime, Tim was sent to prison for some years.

Top 10 Celebrities

1. Rick James

Dave Chappelle’s version of Rick James is the one we all know very well. but the dark side of Rick’s personality is that he had his own ideas of what being super freaky really meant. Rick James had been involved in a kidnapping crime. We cannot believe but this is true that he kidnapped and tortured a woman for 20 hours. He also tied up another woman and tortured her for 12 hours because she stole his drugs. Well, this sounds like Rick needed medical treatment.

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