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Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands 2020 In The World

We all love to have chocolates! If you have tried out most of the chocolate brands then we have this question from you that whether you have tried these top 10 best chocolate brands 2015 in the world?

10. Artisan du Chocolat

It has a French name, it is purely a British company. It has been located in London. It is specialized in crafting luxurious chocolates, founded in 1999, it sells massive variety of famous liquid kind of salted caramels, it too sells filled chocolates and also soft centered chocolates.

9. Amano

It is this prestigious chocolate brand that has been located high in Wasatch Mountain range of. It is the world’s most delicious chocolates. Its flavors are delectable, they are rich and complex. They have been widely recognized for their finest quality, they have healthy ingredients and also superior taste.



8. Belcolade

It is a real kind of Belgium based chocolate brand. It is known not only for its quality. It offers high quality chocolates like in the form of squares, too in the form of discs, blocks. They have introduced this first class cocoa that has been finely blended with that pure cocoa butter in order to get that and achieve that delectable Belgian flavors.

7. Amedie

It is this famous artisan chocolate, this company is based in Italy. It is one of the world’s finest chocolate producers. It is widely recognized due to their smooth texture, because of their finest quality, It is the winner of many awards. It is the most expensive chocolate in this world.

6. Barlovento

It is this artisan chocolate manufacturing company that has been located in Oakland, California. We have seen and tasted that their caramels, truffles are crafted with fresh local ingredients. They have the highest quality of cocoa. They guarantee their customers to have the healthy chocolates.

5. Askinosie

It is this chocolate manufacturing company that has been located in Springfield, Missouri. It is specialized in producing that kind of dark chocolates bars, they include white chocolate, dark milk and also chocolate crafted that has been take from natural cocoa powder, It was established by Shawn Askinosie in 2005.

4. Australian Homemade

It is this renowned brand, it is this Dutch chocolate brand that has been based in Veenendaal, Netherlands. It is known for its finest quality of that cocoa beans. It has more than fifty stores that has been found in Germany, Spain and also in Belgium, Netherlands and the United States too!

Australian Homemade

3. Baci

It is the most renowned brand of Perugina, it is a famous Italian chocolate company that has been located in Perugia, Italy. It is specialized in producing that kinds of chocolates that have been filled with hazelnut, they are wrapped in love, they give us the reflection of emotions.


2. Galaxy

It is sold in Ireland, the United Kingdom, it is too sold in the Middle East, India and Pakistan. It is the 2nd best selling chocolate bar in this place of United Kingdom. It has this broad range of products, chocolate bars in caramel, it has this milk chocolate, fruit truffle, bubbles etc.

1. Kit Kat

It has those crunchy wafers! It has these three wafers layers that can make you to fall in love with it!

Kit KatSo, these are the top 10 best chocolate brands 2015 in the world!

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