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Top 10 Best And Expensive Bicycles In 2020 Review

Do you want to know about the best and top 10 expensive bicycles in 2020? Can you ever imagine that even the bicycles can be adorned with the diamonds and gold? Well if not then you will be surprised to view this list given below!

10. Litespeed Blade Bike:


This bicycle is accessible at the cost of $40,788. It has been added with some of the best features that make it quite attractive in the marlet. It has been designed the first leading titanium frames. The stoutness of Litespeed Blade Bike bicycle is hence made up of titanium alloy and carbon fiber. It is switched with the high quality of the head tubes, massive tube and sharp blade edge backbone that make it best at the time of ride.

9. Electric Assist Bicycle By eRockit:


This bicycle is placed in the market at the cost of $44,000. This bicycle is featured with the Nano-phosphate lithium battery and is a creation of German innovator Stefan Gulas. The lifetime of this battery is almost 50,000 kilometers distance or up to ten years that make it exceptional.

8. Montante Luxury Gold Collection:


This bicycle is named as exotic bicycle as it has been covered with 24 carat gold leaf and is encrusted by 11,000 Swarovski stone. It is an Italian bicycle in support of women that is best designed by bicycle manufacturer Montante. It is accessible in market at cost of $46,000.

7. Rare Tiffany & Co. Silver Mounted Lady’s Bicycle:


You can get this bicycle at the cost of $50,000-70,000. It was designed in the yearr 1890. It is added with the features of Brook’s leather howdah as engraved ivory handles and Tiffany fixed equipment system that make it simply elegant in appearance.

6. Chrome Hearts x Cervelo:


This best bicycle has the cost of around $ 60,000. It has been fabricated by Chrome Hearts in collaboration in the company of famous cycle maker Cervelo in 2010. It has been beautified with the plush leather, valuable metals, custom design and wonderful rhinestones by far making it a splendid mountain bicycle.

5. Trek Madone 7 – Diamond:


This bicycle is placed in the market at the cost of $75,000! It has been best designed by collaboration of Trek, Nike, gem dealer Alan Friedman and artist Lenny Futura. It is decorated with real diamonds that make it appear as the world class motorbikes.

4. Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike:


It is the fourth most expensive bikes as it is accessible in the market at the cost of $ 114,400. It has been designed with 24 carats of gold that is beautifully embellished with over 600 extraordinary Swarovski crystals that are lined on top of the framework to the logo on the crossbar.

3. Kaws – Trek Madone:


It is one of the amazing bicycles which you can grab at the cost of $160,000. It has been beautfied with the dark and yellow color by the great Graffiti artist Brian Donnelley and has unexpected embellishment and exceptional aerodynamic.

2. Trek Yoshitomo Nara:


This bicycle has the cost of around $200,000. It has been designed by means of the creativity by Yoshitomo Nara. It is all set with the attractive cartoon figures and Livestrong symbol. It is best and perfect for racing. Its framework was designed of carbon fiber that assists in light weight and fast speed of the bicycle.

1. Butterfly Trek Madone:


This bicycle is named up to be the most wanted as it is set at the cost of $500,000! It is designed by Damien Hirs. It has been adorned with the real butterfly wings that are added with the striking light effect in it.

So these have been the top 10 most expensive bicycles in 2015! We are sure that now you would have start dreaming about riding once on these bicycles!

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