Top 10 Beautiful Tourist Attractions 2020 All Over The World

If you want to be the part of best attractions 2020 all over the world then check out the details of these top 10 beautiful tourist attractions 2020 all over the world:

10 The Great Wall of China


It is this sequence of barricades that have been made of brick, stone. It extends approximately 5,500 miles just from east and west of China. It has been beautifully designed, it just elegantly wraps up deserts, meadows and also plateaus. It was constructed over 2000 years ago.

9. Sultan Ahmed Mosque – Turkey


It is this historic mosque that has been located in Istanbul of Turkey. It is widely known as the Blue Mosque. It has been designed from 1609 to 1616. It is this stunning masterpiece of art. It has six slim and also gracious minarets.

8. Sapa – Vietnam


Sapa is this spectacular, mountainous town that has been located in the northern Vietnam. It is this beautiful place in the northwest area of this Vietnam. It is low valley with mountains that are just beautifully surrounding from all sides.

7. Taj Mahal – India


It is this beautiful colossal mausoleum that has been made up of white marble. It is located in Agra of India. It is this elegant piece of art. It was established by Mughal ruler Shah Jahan because of the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz. It is the ornament of Muslim creativity in India, symbol of the rich history of India, it is this excellent example of innovation.

6. Gullfoss, Iceland


This place has its own charm, it is this astounding waterfall that has been located in Southwest of Iceland right in the Canyon of Hvita River. It offers stunning views, it has been recognized as the Europe’s most powerful kind of waterfall that can give you the outstanding views of these multiple rainbows.

5. Fairy Meadows, Pakistan


They have been located in Giligit- Baltistan of Pakistan at an altitude of approximately 10,800 feet just above sea level. They serves as the best place to be admired! This place is quite impressive in terms of beauty. It is this exotic place that can give you that view of spectacular scenery.

4. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


It has this impressive beauty on the Zambezi River, it has been constituting the boundary between that of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It has this thundering water, you will be seeing that smoky scenery. It has been widely recognized and known as the world’s greatest curtain of falling water.

3. Grand Canyon, USA


This Grand Canyon is that landmark of Arizona. It is glorious, it is this spectacular lofty canyon that has been incised by the Colorado River million years ago. It extends 277 miles, these elegant walls of this canyon can show you a variety of beautiful colors with blends of red, yellow. It is almost 5 million tourists that visit this destination.

2. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China


It has been the eye candy of the Zhangye. It was formed more than 24 million years ago. You will be seeing numerous kinds of precipitated red cliffs, sandstone formations, imaginative colorful oil painting at this place!

1. Whitehaven Beach, Australia


It is this Whitehaven beach that extends up to seven kilometers along Whitsunday Island of Australia. Its sand comprises of 98% pure silica. It has this crystal clear water that can give you that greatest sense of luxury.
These are the top 10 beautiful tourist attractions 2015 all over the world!

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