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Top 10 Amazing And Beautiful Natural Lakes In The World

There is no such doubt about the fact that lakes have been known out to be one of the beautiful water reservoirs that reverberates a simple and at the same time some sort of pretty beautiful facet of nature. You can even define it as an area or trenches that is hence filled with water localized in a basin and surrounded by land apart from rivers or any other outlet that serves as feed to the lake.

Top 10 Amazing And Beautiful Natural Lakes In The World

10. Five Flower Lake:

lake 10

This lake is located in Jiuzhaigou Valley in southwestern China as it is even known by the name of the Wuhuha lake. This lake is even surrounded with so many valleys where you can find colourful meadows with colorful leaves such as the shades of blue, dark green, light yellow in color and are gathered at the front side of the lake.

9.Reed Flute Cave Lake:

lake 9

It is one of the amazing and even one of the oldest natural lakes of the world. This lake was believed to be discovered in 792 AD. The Reed flute cave lake is located at the place of Guilin, China and is known out to be one of the favorite tourist destinations of Guilin. The lake which is estimated to be 180 million years old.

8. Dal Lake:

lake 8

Dal Lake has the beautiful gardens and parks that are hence surrounding the lake. This lake was built by the Mughals. The houseboats are used to roam around the lake that are called Shikaras.

7. Shangrila Lake:

lake 7

This lake is even known by the name of Lower Kachura Lake and has an outstanding restaurant which is built on a plane. This lake is also known as the “Heaven on Earth” as it is the place which contains a variety of flowers and fruits.

6. Lake Bled:

lake 6

Lake Bled also has the only natural island of Slovenia called Bled islands and is surrounded by lush green forests that make it appear to be much more attractive looking in appearance. The lake is much exceptionally famous for rowing sport and had also hosted World Rowing Championships.

5. Peyto Lake:

lake 5

The lake has been named after Bill Peyto who was a trapper and a guide in the Banff National Park. It is situated is a glacial lake and it even looks the best when seen from Bow Summit that is merely the highest point on the Ice field Parkway.

4. Lake Matheson:

lake 4

Lake Matheson was situated near the Fox Glacier and is found in South Westland in New Zealand and is surrounded by Mount Tasman and Mount Cook. This lake has been surrounded by White and Red Pine trees.

3. Yucatan Cave Lake:

lake 3

This lake is situated in Tiger Che in the Yucatan Peninsula in the Northern Mexico and is just around 2 million years old. This lake has been even marked up to be the famous tourist attraction as it is surrounded with the frozen fountains, dry riverbeds, underground spaces and many more beautiful and worth discovering sights.

2. Plitvice Lakes:

lake 2

This lake was situated in Croatia in Southeast Europe. It is merely added with the sixteen lakes out of which 12 lakes are grouped as upper lakes and the rest 4 are grouped as lower lakes.

1. Melissani Cave Lake:

lake 1

This lakes is situated on an island of Kefolonia and is surrounded by forests, mountains and even with the sea. The colour of the lake is sky blue and the stones found beneath the lake are brown in the shade of color. The lake which was founded in 1951 is undoubtedly the most beautiful natural lake of the world.

So this is all we have ended up with the top 10 amazing natural lakes in the world! Are you ready to catch the bird eye view of each one of these natural and yet stunning looking lakes?

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