Top 10 Beautiful Japanese Women in 2019

Japan is well-known for its ladies. They are exotic looking and very family oriented. They seem to enjoy pleasing the man in their lives. They are known for being adventurous. All of these things make it easy to see why they are noticeable by the men in their lives. However, they do not always have to dress sexy to be considered sexy or beautiful. Below, you will find a list of the top 10 beautiful Japanese women in 2018. Perhaps if you have not seen them as of yet, you should try to look them up. It may give you the reason you have been looking for to take a vacation to Japan.

Beautiful Japanese Women in 2015

10. Nozomi Sasaki

As a former model and accomplished television presenter from Akita, this Japanese beauty has still managed to stay beautiful, even outside of the spotlight. Even though she is no longer a prominent feature in television or modeling, she is still considered one of Japan’s most glamorous.

Nozomi Sasaki

9. Mao Inoue

Beauty and brains go hand-in-hand with Mao Inoue. She is a very popular, award winning actress who is most notable for her very tall height and amazing eyes. Along with all of this, she still managed to graduate from Meiji University in 2009.

Mao Inoue

8. Yukie Nakama

This former idol has appeared as an actress and a singer, both of which have gained her fame. Her looks have gained her fame on a global level, as have her other talents. It will surprise some that she is still making the top lists because of her age, but the title of beautiful women is a title that is well earned.

Yukie Nakama

7. Kurara Chibana

This beautiful lady was born on March 27, 1982. She is well known for her popularity as a fashion model. In 2006, she was the first runner up in the Miss Universe competition and she also earned the award for Best Costume during this pageant because she had a specially designed samurai-themed outfit that everyone loved. Her goal in life is to be the very best in the industry. So far, she is succeeding.

Kurara Chibana
Image from Wikipedia.

6. Keiko Kitagawa

This woman has many talents. She gained notoriety for being a full time model for Seventeen magazine. She has since done a little acting and proved she is very talented. Some of her most popular movies include Handsome Suit and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. She also has a very beautiful singing voice.

5. Maria Ozawa

This lady is also known as Miyabi. She is known well for her acting abilities as an AV Idol. It is a career that she was not scouted out and discovered, but a friend of hers in the adult video field introduced her to. Each day that passes brings her more fans and she is mostly because she is one of the most beautiful ladies in Japan, in every way possible. Her sexiness goes well beyond acting out her fantasies. She claims to have started “being a woman” when only 13.

4. Reon Kadena

No list of sexy, beautiful Japanese women would be complete without Reon Kadena. She was born February 19, 1986. Her popularity stems from the fact that she is a model and an actress. However, it is most impressive because of her appearance in soft-core nude photo shoots. Other names that she may also be known as include Minamo Kusano or Leon Kadena.

3. Masami Nagasawa

This woman with amazing beauty also has some very commendable success as an actress and model. She has been in many movies and television shows. Her most notable include the movie Touch and Godzilla: Final Wars.

Masami Nagasawa

2. Erina Mano

Erina was born on April, 11, 1991. She has since become one of the very popular and extremely beautiful Japanese pop singers. She is also very well known as an actress. She gained the most notoriety because of her association with Hello! Project, from which she did graduate on February 23, 2013. She is also able to play the piano.

Erina Mano

1. Rie Miyazawa

Although she is over 40 now, the glamor and charm of Japan’s Rie Miyazawa has yet to fade away. She has been and still remains a fashion model. She has posed in swimsuits. She is also an accomplished actress and has gained massive popularity in all areas.

Rie Miyazawa

Perhaps by viewing the beautiful ladies of Japan, you have gained an understanding of how truly great a place Japan can be. Wouldn’t you enjoy being able to see other beautiful women that did not fit into the top 10 beautiful Japanese women in 2018?

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