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Top 10 Amazing Islands With Unique Languages of 2020

There are so many islands on this planet that are not just amazing looking but at the same time they do have some unique sort of languages as well. Over so many islands the human life exist so there are maximum chances that they have their own distinct language and way of getting into conversation with each other. Here we will be sharing with the list of 10 most amazing islands name with the unique languages:

Top 10 Amazing Islands With Unique Languages

10. Pukapuka:

island 10

Pukapuka is the most remote member of the Cook Islands. It is quite small in size and is not more than about 3 square kilometers (1 mi2) of land. In this island a unique form of language as been developed known as Pukapukan. It is currently given its own branch inside the Polynesian family of Austronesian languages. In simple we can say that this language hence finds the meanin in between short and long vowels.

9. Haida Gwaii Queen Charlotte Islands:

island 9

This island has been located off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. The traditional language of the islands is Haida. This place has approximately 20 native speakers remaining. It is quiute an interesting fact that Haida language goes back more 100 years. Most of the times it is often categorized as a language isolate.

8. Hawaii Hawaii:

island 8

This island has been found to be isolated from the rest of the United States and lie roughly 4,000 kilometers (2,500 mi) from the continental states. This island has just one language known as Hawaiian that is indigenous to the islands. Hawaiian is defined out to be in the Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family. It has a very small sound system that is added with only eight consonants such as /p/, /k/, /ʔ/, /m/, /n/, /h/, /l/, and /w/.

7. Ice land:

island 7

It was was originally populated by Norwegian vikings sometime in the late 870s. The language that is originally spoken in Iceland was therefore a variety of Old Norse. Some of the people dont know the fact that this island has a very long written tradition with preserved texts dating back to AD 1100. The alphabet used for Icelandic is based on the same Latin characters as the English alphabet.

6. New Guinea Papua:

island 6

This island has been politically split down just as into the middle. The country of Papua New Guinea occupies the eastand the western half belongs to Indonesia. The island is taken up to be one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse areas on Earth. Its an interesting fact that Papuan languages is the use of noun classifiers.

5. Jeju Island:

island 5

This island lies off the south coast of Korea and is a popular tourist destination. The culture that has been developed on the place Jeju is distinct from mainland Korea. This island has been much known because of the stone statues known by the name of hareubang. The language spoken on Jeju is called Jejueo.

4. Malta:

island 4

This island is located in the Mediterranean, south of Italy. The indigenous language is Maltese. It has been defined to be the modern-day descendant of a variety of Arabic that used to be spoken in Sicily called by the name of Siculo-Arabic. Today the Maltese vocabulary originates from Italian.

3 North Sentinel Island:

island 3

North Sentinel Island is one of the islands in the Andaman Islands that is hence located in the Bay of Bengal. The island is inhabited by the Sentinelese. The people of this island are hostile and violent from the outside. Now much is known about these people so this is the main reason that Sentinelese language remains a complete mystery.

2 Madagascar:

Madagascar wildlife

Madagascar wildlife

This is often taken as the large island off southern Africa. Hence its indigenous language is Malagasy. Madagascar is not a very isolated island. It is defined to be a relatively short trip to continental Africa. Some of the people dont know the fact that Malagasy is actually the Austronesian language, and its closest relatives are spoken in Indonesia, 7,500 kilometers (4,700 mi) away.

1. Australia:

island 1

At the last but at the top we have Australia that is known as the island of hundreds of Aboriginal languages. There are great sum of characteristics of Australian languages that make them really stand out. At the same time Australia even sounds to be notable as in the company of some of the laterla sounds that are quite similar to English.

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