Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes In The World of 2020

Do you want to make your loved ones feel special on the Valentines Day? If yes then we are giving you the best choice of the heart shaped lakes! Now you would be thinking in mind that where you can find these heart shaped lakes! Below we are giving you the list of the stunning and top 10 amazing heart shaped lakes in the world!

Top 10 Amazing Heart Shaped Lakes In The World


10. Portugal:

lake 10

This hear shaped beach is worth to talk about because it is so beautiful looking. As you will going to view it for the very first time you will surely going to think about making it as your Valentines themed shape. It is located in Portugal.

9. Alps valley Heart Shaped Lake:

lake 9

This lake is located in the stunning Alps as this small beautiful lake. You will going to view it as it is located within a much large and even more beautiful location.

8. Switzerland Heart Shaped Lake:

lake 8

It is located in Switzerland as this lake is even called “Lago del Cuore”. I looks like a quarry. You can take this lake as awesome to melt someone heart.

7. Lac Du Montagnon, France Heart Shaped Lake:

lake 7

This lake is called “Lac Du Montagnon” and is located in the French Alps. It is beautiful looking in appearance with the straight heart shape.

6. Chembra Peak, India Heart Shaped Lake:

lake 6

Chembra Peak is once again located 2,100 metres above sea level. But in order to grab this place closer you must have some serious hiking skills.

5. Ompah, Ontario Heart Shaped Lake:

lake 5

This heart shape lake is located in Ontario. Some of the people dont take it as the lake because they have a notion that it is man-made and is not natural. You will 100% going to fall your heart out on this lake!

4. Coeur de Voh, New Caledonia Heart Shaped Lake:

lake 4

This amazing lake is located in the place of New Caledonia. You can make this place as the best choice to make your loved ones feel special on the Valentines Day.

3. Arctic Heart shaped Lake:

lake 3

This lake is situated in Arctic. It is a natural forming lake and it simply look amazing.

2. Shimshal Lake, Hunza Valley Heart Shaped Lake:

lake 2

In the next we have the name of Shimsal Lake that is located in Hunza Valley. It is breath-taking to watch and is one of the favorite place of the tourists.

1. Lago di Scanno, Italy Heart Shaped Lake:

lake 1

This lake is known out to be the Italy Heart. It is one of the most beautiful heart shaped lake on the earth. Are you ready to visit this lake?

So if you want to make your loves ones feel special then just without wasting any time grab these awesome looking heart shaped lakes right now! You will going to fall in deep love with these lakes!

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