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Top 10 Amazing Facts Of Mount Everest of 2020

Each one of you would be surely aware from the name of the Mount Everest but many of you would not be much aware from the interesting and amazing facts hidden within this mountain! Are you ready to know about it all?

Top 10 Amazing Facts Of Mount Everest


10. Human Death Toll:

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Since the year 1969 it has been reported that at least one person has died on Mount Everest every year. Most of the times the main reasons for the death are the suffocation, frostbite as well as snow blindness, starvation and hypothermia. The Region Above 7500 Meter is Considered as Death Zone where most of peoples died from this snow diseases.

9. History of Everest:

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In the year 1847 Kanchanjanga was considered as highest peak in the world. In the year 1852 an Indian Mathematician Radhanth Sikdar was successful to identify world’d highest peak as Everest by the way of using his Trigonometric Calculations . In 1865 Waugh named the Peak XV to Mount Everest in the name of George Everest who is surveyor General of India of that time.

8. Roof of the World:

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Due to the height of the Mount Everest it has been known out to be the Roof of the World. The Everest was formed around 20 millions ago which is same as million years ago. Hence the Mount Everest is nearly 10 times its size 8818 meter or 29029 feet. The Mountain also grows 4 mm per year or one foot every 176 years.

7. Weak Cell Phone Signals:

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In the same way you will be grabbing up the weak cell phone signal at summit of Mount Everest which allows first tweet to be send by hiker by Kenton cool in the year 2011. He Tweets about weak 3G signal & Samsung galaxy mobile.

6. Warmest Temperature -20 Degree:

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It is quite an amazing fact that the Warmest temperature of Mount Everest is -20 Degree. Plus the boiling point of water at the top of Mount Everest is 71 °C (160 °F).The wind speed at mount everest is more than 150 mph at mount Everest summit.

5. Only One In Five Make It To The Top:

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If a group of 5 people plan up to climb up the Mount Everest then only one of the 5 people survive at the top peak. This is because of the Low oxygen in their cylinder. Plus another reason is the Hypothermia as the condition where all part of body are shivered and became paralysis.

4. Animal On Top of the World:

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While climbing the Mount Everest you will be finding with some animals too who prepare themselves to live in this condition. Snow Leopard which are at extinction level usually lived in this cold condition. The Another Mountain animal is Mountain Tahr which is look alike goat as it is having small head and large eyes.

3. Highest Junkyard on Earth:

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Most of the times hikers put garbage on their way to reach Mount Everest. Just as due to more than 400 climbers climbed on the mountain then there are around 50 Ton waste that are thrown by them on mount Everest making the Dirtiest Mountain in the world.

2. Plenty of Records:

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If you will go through the study of Mount Everest you will going to find many records under this name. Firstly we have Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa from Nepal who hence reached 21 times to Mount Everest summit. Plus we have the name of Ang Rita who made record of reaching 10 times to summit just as without supplement Oxygen. Babu Sherpa from Nepal Stay longest time in the limit of 21 hours at Summit in year 1999.

1. Expensive Package & Long Queue:

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One of the most amazing and interesting fact that you didnt know about Mount Everest is that Everest Guide cost Staring around the $65000 to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Hence the non Professional climbers usually hike guide to climb Everest which costs them as per need.

Well we are sure that this post would have surely increased your knowledge about the Mount Everest! At might look interesting to watch from far away distance but as you will get closer to it then it would be just similar as getting closer to death. Be aware!

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