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Top 10 Amazing But Forgotten Sports From History

There is no such doubt about the fact that sports have been always taken up to be the mankind’s most treasured endeavors. It is not just sort of providing the entertainment to he people but even represents some culture civilization an customs as wel. As you will going to give a look around the world you will be finding so many sports that are helping out giving the best of the best pleasure to the men. But at the same time there are some amazing sports that are forgotten in the history. Do you want to know about them all?

Top 10 Amazing But Forgotten Sports From History

10. Barking Off Squirrels:

Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris climbs on tree

This has been defined out to be a type of squirrel hunting popular in America in the late 18th century and early 19th century. It was created in the backwoods of Kentucky and has been actually popularized by renowned frontiersman Daniel Boone. In this sports your main aim falls inside the fact that you have to hunt up the squirrels but not by the way of shootng them. The hunters will just going to shoot the bark right below the squirrels. This even makes the regular squirrel hunts much frequent.

9. Equestrian Long Jump:

Equestrian event, Seoul Olympics

This sport has been merely created by combining two concepts that already existed. This sport is added with the skills of the long jump and is added up with the combination of the horse racing to create a sport that was less exciting than either. For the information of the readers we would like to state that it was featured as a sport at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris as part of a double equestrian event.

8. Turtle Racing:

bizarre sport 8

This sport is still practised in many parts of the world. It is basically taken as the fun activity for kids which you can find at county fairs. In this game all the participants huddle up in the center of a circle and let their turtles loose. In this way the creatures wander around aimlessly just as until one eventually makes it out of the circle and is declared the winner. Now if we talk about the latest version of the Turtle Racing then giant size of the turtles ae used in a genuine straight-line race.

7. Quintain:

bizarre sport 7

This sport is known out to be the main part of medieval lore. In this game the knight provhis power and strength by the way of entering a jousting tournament and perform in front of the king and his royal court. He hence take hold over the target that was a shield balanced on a pole with a counterweight at the other end. Those with the horses and even those without a horse could participate by using a wooden horse or a boat in some areas.

6. Eel Pulling:

Eel on sale

Eel on sale

This was the practice that was popular in the Netherlands in the 19th century. There were two basic forms of this sport adding with the one that was was a classic tug-of-war battle, but the rope was replaced with a live eel. In the other version you will be finding the eel pulling involved the hanging the eel from a line dangling over a canal. Players had to jump and take down the eel while passing through the canal in a boat.

5. Cock Shying:

mad rooster

This sport is even famous known by the name of “cock throwing,” that was a blood sport practiced throughout most of England up until the 18th century. It is often many times practiced at pubs just for the fun of it. In simple we would say that the bird in the game would be taken outside and tied to a post with the means of a few feet of freedom so it could evade incoming sticks. On other side the players would throw their coksteles at the rooster, and spectators would bet on the outcome.

4. Stoolball:

bizarre sprt 4

Stoolball is another one of the famous sport that is still occasionally played in small areas of southeast England. Its origins trace back to the 14th century in Sussex. It was basically the first bat-and-ball game played in North America in Plymouth, 1621. In this game the players hit a ball using a bat and then run between stools to score. The bat is a wooden paddle with a short handle and even with an oval shape, and the stools play the role of wickets in cricket.

3. Episkyros:

bizarre sport 3

This is the simple game that is much played by the ancient Greeks. It is best played by the kids, boys, girls and even the old age people. In this game two teams of equal members stood opposite as each other, and a line known as the skuros was drawn between. In the same way two more lines were drawn behind each team. Then one team then threw the ball over the other and tried to advance as their opponents recovered. The second team grabbed the ball and threw it back just with the aim of trying to make up any lost ground and push the other players back.

2.Fox Tossing:

Red Fox

Red Fox

This game known by the name of Fox Tossing was played much in the 17th and 18th centuries. This game was much loved by the people of lower class. It is played in the form of pairs as each member of a team would hold the end of a sling lying on the ground. Just at the time when one ran over the sling then both players pulled hard in order to throw the fox into the air.

1. Dwile Flonking:

bizarre sport 1

At the last and yet at top we have the name of Dwile Flonking! It has been originating during the Suffolk harvests 400 years ago. But now it has been banned in several areas for the sake of violating health and safety regulations.

So this is all we have ended up with the list of top 10 amazing sports that are forgotten in history! Which one of the sports do you want to play in 21st century again?

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