Top 10 Amazing And Unusual Bars In The World

How many of you visit the bar houses daily? No doubt that bar houses is taken as the perfect examples of providing the entertainment as every single kind of drinks are accessible over this place. In every single bar you will be finding the same stuff of he drinks, bar tenders and even customers. But all the bars are not same as you think! Below we will be discussing with the list of the top 10 most unusual bars in the world which definitely going to surprise you alot!

10. H.R. Giger Bar:


The H.R Giger Bar is also known as the Skeleton Bar. This bar has been designed up with the structure of the cavernous that is basically a skeletal structure with arches of spines meeting at the ceiling. You will be finding it as one pretty scary bar for a normal person but it simply looks awesome as you will enter into it.

9. Cova d’en Xoroi:


This disco bar is placed in the cliffs of Cala’en Porter and is a big tourist attraction. This is so unique as it is located far from the usual locations, amidst cliffs as just at the way where the customers can enjoy the amazing view of water on one side and land on the other.

8. Baobab Tree Bar:


The entire bar is built just as around this ancient tree of Baobab Tree that attracts tourists and visitors. You will surely be finding the natural impression as you will enter this bar.

7. Gua’cara Taina:


It’s the underground bar “Gua’cara Taina”. This bar is located in the Dominion Republic and is placed sixty feet below the Earth’s surface. It has been beautified in an attractive way with the stalactites and stalagmites.

6. The Red Sea Star:


The Red Sea Star is the world’s first underwater bar and restaurant. Besides taking fun from the drinks you can easily sit and explore the marine life in the surrounding water and enjoy classy exceptional wine.

5. Vampire Café:


This cafe and bar is located in the place of Tokyo. The café is draped in velvet, and the adornments consist of the coverage of the crucifixes, spiders, skulls. It is even added up with a Dracula coffin as the centerpiece.

4. Alcatraz ER:


Another bizarre bar in Tokyo is the Alcatraz ER. Alcatraz is a popular prison that is best known for its strictness. A Nurse will going to serve you with the drinks alongside with the injections that will give you the feeling of being in a medical center.

3. The Clinic:


It is locate in Singapore the Clinic as it is a bar with a hospital theme. It is added up with the hospital beds that are hence separate by hanging curtains as well as surgery room lighting, syringes, test tubes and drips adorn this bar. Plus the cocktails are served in blood bags.

2. Dans le Noir:

Waiters are taught how to lead customers to their seats during a training session at the "Dans Le Noir?" (French for "In The Dark?") restaurant in New York December 3, 2011. REUTERS/Andrew Burton

It is located in New York. It is quite an interesting place as it is set up with the blind guides that hence take care of the visitors.

1. Eternity, the Coffin Bar:


At last and yet at top we have Eternity, the Coffin Bar! This bar has been shaped like a giant coffin as it is accompanied with real coffins and funeral flowers as adornments.
So these have been few top and best unusual bars in the world! Are you ready to take the best pleasure of their drinks and refreshments?

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